For more than twenty years The FEL Group has conducted successful searches for our clients to manage and fill their specific and specialized needs in financeeconomics practices, litigation support, strategy and policy consulting.
The FEL Group undertakes and is successful with searches which most other firms would not have the resources to handle. A key reason for our success is that our recruiters understand the technical needs of our client. In over two decades, we have built a data base of thousands of potential candidates who possess the academic credentials, quantitative and analytical skills, and professional experience necessary for managing the innovations, issues, regulatory and policy environments, and strategic challenges being faced in their fields.
The FEL Group has been committed to following the competitive landscape in our clients' environments and continuously adapting to the challenging and innovating quantitative, technical, policy demands and competitive realities of current events and issues faced by our clients.
The FEL group is a member of the  Qualitec®  Family
An Independent Group of Executive Search Firms.